Historical Reflections

Exploring the literature, language, and land of the Bible

The Biblical Faith of the Man in Black

Somehow I only recently realized I am a Johnny Cash fan. I am a bit surprised by this as I have never been a real fan of any country music, but I must admit that some of his spiritual songs contain something that stirs the soul. Perhaps it was the rebel in the man...

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Reading Genesis From the Heavens

On December 21, 1968, NASA's Apollo 8 was launched. Commander Frank Borman, Command Module Pilot James Lovell and Lunar Module Pilot William Anders became the first humans to see earth from space, the first humans to travel beyond low earth orbit and the first to see...

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I Have A Dream – The Anniversary

Fifty-seven years ago, on August 28, 1963, an estimated 200,000+ people marched on Washington, D.C. in what was called the march on Washington for jobs and freedom. It was during this march that the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his now famous I Have a...

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Regarding Moses – Revisiting an Old Sermon

How should Christians regard Moses? Are his words beneficial for the followers of Jesus? What of his laws? Are they contrary to faith? Have they been done away with? On August 27, 1525, 492 years ago today, a now famous Christian preacher delivered a sermon that was...

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Billy Sunday and the Jew

In 1917, a young Jewish man by name of Itamar Ben-Zion Ben Yehudah (or Ben Avi for short) came to America from what was then Palestine. His purpose was to secure an appointment to the League of Nations from the President of the United States in the hopes that this...

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