New Testament

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Christ and Christian – It’s All Greek To Me

The word Christian occurs 3 times in the New Testament (Acts 11:26, Acts 26:28 and I Peter 4:16). It comes from the Greek khris-tee-an-os, which in turn comes from khris-tos and means “anointed.” So Khrist-tos, or Christ originally meant the Anointed One and a...

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Was Christ our Passover?

On a positive note, more and more Christians are searching Scripture in an effort to orient themselves towards a more Hebraic understanding. Non-Jews are celebrating biblical festivals, taking up dietary rules prescribed in the Torah, abandoning their previously...

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Following Jesus out of Christianity

This class was recorded live at Temple Sinai Synagogue in Saint Francisville, Louisiana during a conference that took place over the Biblical Festival of Sukkot in 2009. It represents my own spiritual journey; it answers the question of how a boy that was raised in...

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The Seat of Moses – 21 Years Since the Discovery

In 1995 I was given a copy of an interesting article written by Mark Allan Powell of Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus Ohio. This article, (Do and Keep What Moses Says) was published in the prestigious Journal of Biblical Literature [JBL 114/3 (1995) 419-435]. It...

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