This tour combines site seeing at some of the most important biblical sites with a unique opportunity to bless Israel through a variety of work projects accomplished at Biblical Tamar Park. This is truly a special tour, unlike most, since participants will enrich their faith, but also demonstrate their love for Israel by sharing their special talents and work ethic in order to bless the Land of Israel and the Jewish people.

Participants will traverse the Holy Land, experiencing firsthand the land that God calls His own. Sites known from Scripture will come to life as your tour leader shares the Bible’s great stories on location! On this tour, you will learn about Bible History, biblical prophecy, and the present-day realities of the modern State of Israel, and your life will be forever changed.

The works phase of the tour will take place at Biblical Tamar Park, a 55-acre historic site situated in the Israeli desert, surrounded by sites known from the Bible. The park is maintained by Blossoming Rose, whose very name comes from the words of the Prophet Isaiah about the future messianic vision of this precise spot (Isaiah 35). As curator of the Park, Blossoming Rose has worked closely with Israeli authorities over the past several decades to begin to bring this biblical vision into reality. On the grounds of Biblical Tamar Park is a fascinating archaeological site exposing areas of occupation going back to the Israelite monarchy, and a rich history running from the Biblical period through the modern era.

A wide range of tasks are available, allowing every person to contribute based upon their own skills and abilities. Some will plant trees, others will work on housing units, some will perform housekeeping and ground maintenance activities, or any number of other projects around the park property. Blossoming Rose needs the assistance of dedicated people who are willing and able to contribute of their time, talents and resources to beautify and maintain this serene wilderness place. Your participation on this tour is ultimately a blessing for you, Blossoming Rose, and Israel.

Click here to sign up for this unique tour, designed especially for Christians who want to see the key sites associated with their faith, but also want to bless Israel by contributing of their talents to beautify the land!

Tour Package – $2,195 for land only

Included in Tour Cost

  • Hotels
  • Breakfasts
  • Dinners (except February 28)
  • National Park passes (6)
  • All tips (except housekeeping)
  • All meals at Biblical Tamar Park
  • All listed sites with entrance fees
  • Masada Lift and Galilee Boat trip
  • Bus transfer to and from Ben Gurion Airport

Not Included

  • Flight Insurance
  • Lunches
  • Airline Ticket
  • Trip insurance
Itinerary Faith and Works Tour


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