I am excited to announce a new series, beginning January 6th, 2018, called Prophets and Prophecy. The classes will be live-streamed every Saturday morning at 10:30 AM CST from the United Israel Facebook Page. We will discuss not only the origin of, and reason for prophecy, but I will also note distinctive features, styles employed by the prophets. Over the course of our study I will present the prophets and their prophecies from their historical context. Classes will cover consistent themes from the writings of the prophets, and based on our study, we will get a glimpse of their vision for a world that is yet to come. You will learn about the times in which they lives, the events that were taking place around them, and what they said would come to pass in the latter days.

Judaism and Christianity base much of what they believe on the words of the prophets. Over the course of our studies, you will be exposed to ways that these religions used the words of the prophets to validate their own religious views. My intent in these classes is not to prove or disprove one or another of these ancient faiths, but rather to allow the prophets to speak for themselves. Therefore, all are welcome and encouraged to join me regardless of religious affiliation or faith orientation.

Videos will be archived on our United Israel website. It should be noted that even if one is not on Facebook, the archived videos can be viewed from the website. Archived audio files of these classes will also be available on the website as well as on iTunes.

I hope that many will join me for this study. If you love the bible, then you will LOVE this series. For more than 25 years I have studied deeply the words of the prophets and I am pleased to present my views with all of you.

After each class, we will also host an interactive dialogue, also from our Facebook Page. Viewers will be able to ask questions, offer comments and even dispute what I have presented during the class.

Why not make it a point to join me, beginning January 6th, 2018 for my new series, Prophets and Prophecy?

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