Welcome to the Official release of the Ross Nichols Show Podcast. In the debut show, I talk a bit about Hurricane Harvey. This storm made landfall in the coastal bend of Texas as a Category 4 storm, bringing winds in excess of 130 MPH and LOTS of rain. The storm is far from finished and the people of southern Texas and Louisiana will be dealing with Harvey for quite some time. Keep the victims of this storm in your prayers and look for ways to assist those affected.

I also go through the weekly Torah reading Ki Tetzay (Deuteronomy 21:10-25:19), providing comments for this 49th Torah portion, the 6th in Deuteronomy. Ki Tetzay means, When you go out, and refers to the subject of war. The reading begins and ends with the subject of war, but contains many seemingly unrelated laws. As I work through a high level overview of the reading, I provide a running commentary of sorts. If you follow the Torah according to the annual cycle of readings, perhaps this podcast will provide a good review.

Links mentioned in this episode:

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