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Land of Israel: The Biblical Holy Land Map

In 2013, I commissioned Daniel M. Wright to design this map for my Holy Land tours and Bible classes. In September of 2022, I worked closely with Daniel to update the map, adding dozens of sites related to my present work. I trust that this feature-filled map will prove helpful in your biblical studies.

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See the Sites. Go behind the scenes, and experience the Holy Land on a level that most tours miss. My tours feature the locations mentioned in the Hebrew Bible and therefore include Egypt, Jordan, and Israel. Come with me to the Holy Land!

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Ross K. Nichols is an author, explorer, researcher, and teacher. Over the past decade, he has traveled extensively to Israel and Jordan and participated in archaeological excavations in Jerusalem and Biblical Tamar south of the Dead Sea. He has published three books through Horeb Press: The Moses Scroll (2021), Fragments of a Leather Manuscript Containing Moses’ Last Words to the Children of Israel (2021), and These Are the Words: Essential Biblical Hebrew Vocabularies (2022).

Nichols is also an ordained minister and teacher of the Hebrew faith for United Israel World Union, an educational, non-profit organization founded in 1944. Every Saturday at 10:30 a.m. CT, a new teaching is premiered to a growing global audience on