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This program showcases the ‘good news’ stories from Israel, awesome Israeli technical inventions, and other stories of interest for the many people who support Israel. And if you are calling Israel (the people and the land) home, whether you are a Jew or a Gentile supporter of Israel, you will love this show!


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This group is set up to assist class members in learning Biblical Hebrew. Members can ask questions, participate in discussions related to class material, and share learning tips with other members. This group and the Hebrew classes are open to all, regardless of faith affiliation.


See the Sites, Go behind the scenes, experience the Holy Land on a level that most tours miss. My tours will bring your Bible to life while you experience the modern miracle that is the State of Israel. The tours highlight Israel’s past, present and future, by uniquely connecting people with the history, present-day realities, and prophecies contained in the Hebrew Bible.


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Ross began his spiritual quest from fundamental Christianity, but over time, and because of his studies, he recognized that Christianity was not the religion of Jesus, rather a religion about him. For more than 25 years, Ross has sought to understand and interpret earliest Christianity from its original and thoroughly Hebraic perspective.

Ross’ Biblical Beard Balm

Where manliness meets holiness

It was never easier to partner with Ross. Support his research and work by making a donation to United Israel World Union. UIWU is a 501 (c)3 Non-Profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.


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This site presents the expressed views and thoughts of Ross K Nichols on matters related to a careful examination of Biblical literature. Ross has studied and taught the Bible for more than 25 years. His interests cover: the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), the Christian Scriptures (New Testament), and the world which produced them. He respectfully approaches the texts and tenets of Judaism and Christianity with a deep personal faith informed by facts.

Ross is neither Jewish nor Christian, though he is familiar with both traditions. His personal faith reflects a long spiritual quest inspired by contact with Judeo-Christian texts and teachings. His teachings therefore, exhibit what he calls, “an informed view from Old to New.”

Ross seeks to clarify subjects through methods whereby an author’s original intent is most likely reached. These include, but are not limited to, studies in linguistics, historical knowledge, and all other available academic discoveries.

His teachings are available on this blog, iTunes, YouTube, and various Social Media platforms.

All materials, in all media formats, are available at no charge and are free to share and distribute so long as proper attribution is provided.

Message from Ross

Give it a try! Teaching begins at 10:30 A.M. Central Time every Saturday morning. Weekly Classes are live streamed on Facebook and YouTube.

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This program showcases the ‘good news’ stories from Israel, awesome Israeli technical inventions, and other stories of interest for the many people who support Israel. Here is one of the programs.

Community & Service

Ross leads the United Israel Center South in Saint Francisville, Louisiana, where he and others are working to develop programs and activities for children, youth, and adults, which seek to promote biblical literacy, advance social justice, and bring blessing and healing to those in need.

Members of United Israel Center South have worked in concert with online membership to provide disaster relief and fundraising efforts for many initiatives. Our community has raised money for victims of terror in Israel, provided funds to assist in medical expenses for the needy, and contributed finances as well as physical labor towards the relief of natural disasters both locally and abroad.

Ross seeks to build relationships with local and regional centers, as well as other religious organizations that share similar goals. For more on our community, please visit the United Israel Center South in person or visit United Israel World Union on the web.