About Ross Nichols

Student & Teacher of Things Hebraic
Ross began his spiritual quest from fundamental Christianity, but over time, and because of his studies, he recognized that Christianity was not the religion of Jesus, rather a religion about him. For more than 25 years, Ross has sought to understand and interpret earliest Christianity from its original and thoroughly Hebraic perspective. While he no longer considers himself a Christian, Ross remains interested in the quest for the historical Jesus and the origins of Christianity. His investigation into the origins of formative Christianity created a desire to study the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), and the Hebrew language. While Ross is not Jewish, he identifies with the Biblical elements expressed in the ancient literature of the Hebrew people.








In 2003, Ross was ordained as a minister of the Hebrew Faith through United Israel World Union, Inc., a Jewish organization founded in 1944 by the late David Horowitz. For more than 7 decades, United Israel has presented a universal version of Hebrew faith to the world by teaching biblical principles, sharing a vision of the Hebrew Prophets, and presenting the ideals of the Kingdom of God to the entire world. In 2015, Ross was elected as a Vice President of the organization, and in 2017, he assumed duties as the Editor of the United Israel Bulletin, a weekly publication serving as the chief medium of unification for all United Israel members worldwide. The Bulletin contains important biblical and historically related research and messages of current interest. Ross Nichols directs the United Israel Center South in Saint Francisville, Louisiana.

Ross has traveled to Israel, where he has toured extensively – leading and co-leading tours for both Jews and Christians. He has participated in archaeological digs at Dig Mount Zion in Jerusalem, and at Biblical Tamar. He has also performed volunteer projects in the desert region of Israel.

Ross is an ardent Zionist. He is active in the Anti BDS movement and works on many fronts to present the Jewish State in a positive light. In 2017, he was part of a six-person delegation from United Israel at the United Nations, attending the Ambassadors Against BDS conference to learn ways to counter those who seek to promote boycotts, divestment, and sanctions against Israel through propaganda and other false media efforts.

Ross has been the guest on several internet radio shows, discussing various biblical subjects. He is also a co-host for Israel News Talk Radio with Jono Vandor of Truth2U on Israel On My Mind, a program that showcases the ‘good news’ stories from Israel, awesome Israeli technical inventions, and other stories of interest for the many people who support Israel.

Ross teaches Torah lessons every Sabbath via the Internet to an international audience. His classes are live streamed via Facebook Live from the United Israel Facebook Page. Archives of his popular classes are available on the United Israel website, the United Israel Facebook Page, YouTube, and iTunes. His classes are based upon a plain reading of the Bible, and introduce his growing, global audience to the literature, language, and land of the Hebrew Bible.

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