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2023 Tanakh Tours

I am pleased to announce the upcoming 2023 Tanakh Tours. You want to take advantage of this one. I have always dreamed of an ultimate Tanakh Tour that includes Egypt, Jordan, and Israel, and now that dream has become reality. The tour begins in Egypt, where we will see many great sites (think pyramids, The Sphinx, Valley of the Kings, etc.) from Cairo to the traditional Sinai at Saint Catherine’s Monastery. We then cross into modern-day Jordan, where we will visit the Wadi Rum, Petra, Mount Nebo, and more in Jordan!

We will tour Israel, including many new sites we have not done on previous tours. We designed this tour to follow the biblical narratives – from Egypt, to east of the Jordan, and finally, into Israel.

These tours take you to incredible sites, and no other tour brings the Hebrew Bible to life like Tanakh Tours!

We have choices for you too! You can join us for the Egypt-Jordan tour (31 October-12 November 2023), the Israel tour (12-19 November 2023), or the whole package (Egypt, Jordan, Israel), which we highly recommend!


We offer the following discounts:

  • $100 discount for returning Tanakh Tour participants.
  • $100 discount for combining the Egypt/Jordan and Israel tours.
  • $100 discount for anyone on my Patreon at $20 or more per month (

All that is required at this point is the $500 deposit. For more information and to secure your place with a deposit, visit We expect this tour to fill quickly, so sign up soon!

For more details and to secure your seat, visit the Tanakh Tour site.

For a detailed itinerary of our Egypt and Jordan tour, click here!


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