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America’s Prophet: Moses and the American Story | Ross K Nichols

Ross K. Nichols

Author, Explorer, Researcher, Teacher

America’s Prophet: Moses and the American Story by Bruce Feiler

In this latest edition of Ross’s Recommended Reading, we delve into an exceptional work that harmoniously blends religious studies with American history: America’s Prophet: Moses and the American Story by Bruce Feiler.

Feiler, a New York Times best-selling author, crafts a captivating narrative that expertly reveals the profound connection between the ancient Hebrew prophet Moses and the foundation of America. This book is a testament to the deeply ingrained influence of Moses’ words and character in shaping the United States.

Feiler’s engaging journey takes the reader through key moments in American history, illuminating the role of the Exodus story as an intrinsic part of America’s narrative. From the pilgrims’ first Sabbath to the inscription of a quote from Moses on the Liberty Bell, to the use of “Go Down, Moses” as the national anthem of slaves on the Underground Railroad, Moses’ presence is woven into the fabric of America’s formation and progress.

“America’s Prophet” is not just a work of history but an adventure story and a literary detective tale. It also explores faith in contemporary life, showcasing how Moses’ enduring influence has shaped America’s character. Feiler takes us on a thrilling journey from Gettysburg to Selma, from the Silver Screen to the Oval Office, providing us with a fresh and insightful perspective on America, our faith, and our future.

This is undoubtedly one of my all-time favorite books. Bruce Feiler’s “America’s Prophet: Moses and the American Story” paints a vivid portrait of America’s historical and spiritual landscape, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Get your copy here!

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