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Welcome back to Ross’s Recommended Reading. Today, we are pivoting from specific books to a collection of resources that I believe are invaluable for anyone wishing to embark on the exciting journey of learning Biblical Hebrew.

I want to begin by saying that learning Hebrew is not an insurmountable task. Yes, it requires work – a healthy measure of dedication, persistence, and consistency. However, let me assure you that the rewards are to use a phrase, “out of this world.” By learning Biblical Hebrew, you will gain a more profound and nuanced understanding of the sacred texts, enriching your spiritual life and enhancing your appreciation of the Bible’s wisdom and literary beauty.

The journey of learning Biblical Hebrew begins with the basics, and the following resources are, in my opinion, among the best to start your exploration.

After years of studying Biblical Hebrew, I have had the opportunity to purchase and work through numerous Hebrew grammars and resources. Although not all of these were present at the start of my journey, I now recognize their value and often wish I had discovered them sooner.

Each resource I’m about to share has proved to be instrumental in my ongoing exploration of Biblical Hebrew. They are tools that, sooner or later, have enriched my understanding and appreciation of this ancient language.

Note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. However, my recommendations are based purely on their merit and the value they offer to those committed to learning Biblical Hebrew.

Biblical Hebrew: An Introductory Grammar by Timothy Crawford

At the top of my list is Biblical Hebrew: An Introductory Grammar. This highly-regarded resource is the fruit of decades of classroom teaching and a must-have for every beginner embarking on their Hebrew learning journey. This second edition preserves the Page Kelley approach that has made this grammar popular among students since its original publication in 1992.

This comprehensive introductory grammar of Biblical Hebrew unfolds in thirty-one carefully crafted lessons. Each lesson deftly presents new grammatical concepts supported by numerous biblical illustrations, allowing students to grasp the essentials of the language in a context they can relate to.

One of the stand-out features of this book is the range of imaginative, biblically based exercises, which are judiciously selected from the biblical text. These exercises provide ample opportunity to practice and embed new learning, enhancing understanding and fluency.

The book includes eleven complete verb charts, an extensive vocabulary list, a glossary of grammatical terms, and a subject index. These additional resources make this grammar a one-stop shop for beginner learners of Biblical Hebrew.

What makes Biblical Hebrew: An Introductory Grammar particularly impressive is how it blends thoroughness with accessibility. Crawford has updated the text, offering easy-to-understand explanations that make this complex ancient language more approachable.

In conclusion, Biblical Hebrew: An Introductory Grammar is an invaluable tool that equips students with a strong foundation in Biblical Hebrew. It’s the kind of book I wish I had come across earlier in my journey, and I’m confident it will prove to be a trusted guide in yours.

A Handbook to Biblical Hebrew: An Introductory Grammar by Page H. Kelley, Terry L. Burden, and Timothy G. Crawford

As you delve deeper into your study of Biblical Hebrew, you may find value in supplementing your learning with A Handbook to Biblical Hebrew: An Introductory Grammar. This companion volume offers additional support and guidance to the main text and is designed to reinforce and further elaborate on the grammatical concepts presented in the main textbook.

This handbook is an invaluable tool for practice and revision, offering exercises and in-depth explanations that help consolidate learning and improve understanding. It’s the perfect resource to accompany the main grammar, supporting your progress every step of the way.

However, I understand that budget can be a constraint for many students. If you can only afford one book right now, prioritize Biblical Hebrew: An Introductory Grammar. It’s a comprehensive standalone resource that offers thorough instruction in Biblical Hebrew. While certainly beneficial, the companion handbook is an additional tool to enhance your learning experience but isn’t as essential as the main grammar.

These Are The Words: Essential Biblical Hebrew Vocabularies by Ross K. Nichols

Building a strong vocabulary is an essential aspect of mastering Biblical Hebrew, and These Are the Words: Essential Hebrew Bible Vocabularies is an ideal tool to help you achieve this. This is a vocabulary guide that I created, borne out of my own need for a resource that was both concise and sensibly arranged to assist beginners.

These Are the Words: Essential Hebrew Bible Vocabularies is more than just a vocabulary book. It is a comprehensive guide that presents over 1,000 words, arranged in eighteen essential vocabularies, all in descending frequency according to their occurrences in the Masoretic text of the Hebrew Bible (TaNaKh, Old Testament).

This book is ideally tailored for beginners and is well-suited for both classroom and personal use. In it, you will find:

  1. Nouns and verbs occurring 5,500 to 25 times.
  2. Personal and demonstrative pronouns.
  3. Inseparable prefixes.
  4. The Bible’s most common proper names.
  5. Particles occurring 11,000 to 200 times.

There is also an alphabetic index containing 1,064 entries, all coded according to frequency ranking and Strong’s number. This efficient arrangement makes it easier to track your progress and focus your efforts where they matter most.

The book is available in both print and Kindle versions, and I recommend acquiring both. The compact size of the print version (4 x 8 inches / 10.16 x 20.32 cm) makes it an easy carry-along in a pocket, purse, or bookbag, ideal for on-the-go studying. The Kindle version is perfect for studying on your phone or tablet, offering the same wealth of information in an even more portable format.

Studying Biblical Hebrew is a journey, and These Are the Words: Essential Hebrew Bible Vocabularies is your faithful companion, there to guide you ‘when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way…’

Zondervan’s “Get an A! Study Guide: Biblical Hebrew”

Biblical Hebrew students often find themselves needing critical information at their fingertips. They usually have to rely on scattered resources – textbooks, self-made crib sheets, or sticky notes on their computer monitor. Zondervan’s “Get an A! Study Guide: Biblical Hebrew” changes this, providing a comprehensive yet concise reference guide that’s perfect for last-minute reviews or quick overviews of grammar.

This study guide is the ideal companion for students, whether they’re studying for exams, translating passages of Scripture, or preparing for a sermon. The set contains four information-packed, laminated, and three-hole-punched sheets that are as durable as they are portable.

With Zondervan’s “Get an A! Study Guide: Biblical Hebrew,” you have a reliable, ready-to-go resource that makes studying Biblical Hebrew significantly easier. It’s a study aid designed to give you the information you need when you need it, aiding you in your journey to master the intricacies of Biblical Hebrew.

These tools will provide a firm foundation and reliable guidance as you navigate your way through the intricacies of Biblical Hebrew. The goal is not to rush the process but to fully immerse yourself in the journey. Every step forward is a new revelation, every lesson learned a personal triumph.