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Author: Geza Vermes

Within the scholarly circles of biblical academia, Geza Vermes’ The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English has consistently stood out as a paragon of authority and clarity. From its debut in 1962, Vermes’ magnum opus quickly ascended to become the gold standard for those desiring an authentic and comprehensive translation of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The discovery of these original manuscripts in the Judean Desert from 1947 to 1956 marked a pivotal shift in our comprehension of the Hebrew Bible and the nascent stages of Judaism.

The 7th edition builds upon this venerable foundation, incorporating previously unseen texts and enriching the work with expansive new introductions and scholarly notes. For those venturing into the enigmatic realm of the Dead Sea Scrolls, this edition by Vermes offers an unmatched point of entry, illuminating the past with unmatched erudition.

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