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The New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha | Ross K Nichols

Ross K. Nichols

Author, Explorer, Researcher, Teacher

Ross’s Recommended Reading: Review of The New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha, Fifth Edition, Fully Revised and Expanded (NRSV)

As someone with a deep-seated passion for biblical texts, I have an extensive collection of Bibles. Each has its unique qualities, but I am always pursuing that perfect edition that checks every box. This week, I discovered The New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha, Fifth Edition, Fully Revised and Expanded (NRSV), and it has quickly become the crown jewel of my collection.

What Makes It Stand Out?

Academic and Scholarly Approach: The New Oxford Annotated Bible strikes an excellent balance between being academically rigorous and accessible. The annotations and essays are informed by the latest scholarly discoveries, rooted firmly in the solid tradition of study Bibles.

Expert Annotations: Each book comes with introductions and annotations by experts in the respective fields. This provides invaluable context and guidance, making the text accessible and enriching for both academic and personal study.

Additional Resources: The Bible is replete with maps, diagrams, timelines, parallel texts, and an extensive glossary. These tools are invaluable for understanding the historical and cultural context of the biblical narratives.

Flexibility and User-Friendly Design: Whether you are delving into a specific passage, preparing a lesson or a sermon, or engaging in academic study, this Bible’s layout and tools make navigation intuitive and straightforward.

Quality and Aesthetics: Opting for the leather-bound edition with thumb indexing, I found it not only functionally satisfying but also aesthetically pleasing. The genuine leather cover and the protective box enhance its durability and elegance.

Comprehensive Content: This Bible includes the Hebrew Scriptures, the Christian New Testament, and the Apocrypha. Its all-encompassing nature makes it a perfect choice even for someone like me, whose work primarily focuses on the Hebrew Bible but also ventures into broader biblical and historical studies.

My Recommendation:

The New Oxford Annotated Bible is, without a doubt, the best overall academic Bible I have come across. It is a beautiful volume filled with scholarly insights, helpful charts, and tools for an immersive biblical study. Whether you prefer a paperback, hardback, or leather edition, this Bible is an essential resource for anyone serious about biblical studies.

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